Friday, October 10, 2008

Mailer Misleads with Ancient News

In the time honored tradition of liberal politicians redefining what “is” is….Lorri Galloway is recycling old kudos to appear as current endorsements. Take the mailer that landed in Anaheim mailboxes recently. Lorri box quotes lines from Curt Pringle as follows, “…This year, with Lorri’s commitment and that of the Police Department and Chief Welter, we look to take steps to open a Family Justice Center. Thank for all your contributions, Lorri.”

This clearly refers to gearing up for the Justice Center, in its initial planning stages. The Anaheim Family Justice Center opened in October 2006, making this quote a minimum of TWO YEARS OLD! This is not a current endorsement of Galloway by Mayor Curt Pringle, but an ancient pat on the back for a specific project.

Lorri continues this theme, using a YouTube video endorsement from local philanthropist Bill Taormina, shot in early 2007, when he was still on her Eli Home Board of Directors, prior to leaving, and prior to openly supporting another candidate for Council in 2008. Yet she still uses the misleading endorsement from Taormina. Where are the current endorsements from those who support her today?

The recent mailer lists endorsements from individuals who are politically active outside the current City Council. Lorri Galloway has served on the City Council for 4 years; time enough for her fellow Council members to know her and her work very well. Yet not a single member of the current City Council endorses her in this mailer. Lorri Galloway cannot muster active and relevant support from her own Council peers, and must reach into the past to drag out dusty old press releases for the appearance of support from Mayor Curt Pringle. The voters of Anaheim need to reach the same conclusion as Lorri’s current Council peers, that Lorri Galloway is unfit for public service in the City of Anaheim.

Vote No on Galloway.


dixquartz said...

Please see comment in response to article dated August 14 in regard to Lorri's (lack of) higher education.

Country Boy said...

lori seems to be backed into a corner. She has lost her sense of reality and moral conduct.

"Nowadays it is about as big a crime to be dumb as it is to be dishonest.”

colony rabble said...

The Republican party just sent out a mailer that debunks Lorri's claim in her mailer, including exposing her for falsifying the Republican logo.

No On Galloway said...

We didn't get that, can you scan it?