Saturday, September 27, 2008

Humiliating Anaheim on National Television

Part of the role of City Council is to represent Anaheim to the rest of the country. This is especially important for our community, as the Disneyland Resort brings us worldwide attention in a way that most municipalities do not draw. As a representative of the people of Anaheim., Lorri Galloway appeared on the Jon Stewart show, using the official City Hall offices as her filming location. The video can be seen here.

Lorri Galloway made the City of Anaheim a laughingstock with her appearance on this television program. While Galloway could not control Rob Riggle’s interview, she could easily have predicted it. The Jon Stewart show consistently follows the same format for every episode. Some guests are flown to New York to be interviewed by Jon Stewart in the studio. Those guests are taken seriously, and are treated with respect and dignity. Guests who are interviewed in the field by Jon Stewart’s staff of comedic talent are consistently mocked and ridiculed. With a minimal amount of homework, Lorri Galloway, or her staff, could have discovered this, and avoided the humiliation she subjected not only herself to, but also the entire City of Anaheim. Lorri Galloway’s agreement to do the Jon Stewart interview without determining what the interview would be related to left Anaheim with egg on her municipal face. Lorri Galloway is unfit to represent Anaheim to the rest of the world.

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Country Boy said...

lori galloway is the laughingstock of Anaheim. her absence will be a relief...