Thursday, October 23, 2008

Mortgage Shell Game at Eli Home

We are being asked to trust Lorri Galloway with four more years of overseeing the City of Anaheim’s budget. Let’s review how she has managed the finances of the Eli Home. This information is from public records, and open to anyone through the County Clerk-Recorder’s Office. Lest the usual suspects cry “liar”, we are including the Document Numbers and numbers of pages, and you may look these up yourself online at and just for verification, we include images of one Grant Deed to show we are telling the truth. We can send the rest if you email us at

The property located at 100 S. Canyon Crest Drive was purchased on June 2, 1994 Doc # 1994-00374291 (2 pages) The purchase price was $125,000.
The Eli Home had received grant money from several sources, including a sizable grant from United Parcel Service. While the Eli Home had been given funding to purchase the property, they recorded a Deed of Trust Doc # 1994-00374292 (3 pages).The disposition of the grant money intended for the purchase is conjectural. In theory, the Eli Home should have had a mortgage free base of operations. Over time, the Eli Home has not only taken in donations for their costs, but stripped the properties of their equity.

Within the last year, the Eli Home Inc. has completed the following transactions related to the Anaheim Hills property:

Doc # 2006-0000864080 (2 pages) On December 20, 2006, The Eli Home Inc granted the Canyon Crest shelter property to Robin and Kimberlee Tulleners. According to the Eli Home website, Robin Tulleners serves on the Board of Directors as Treasurer. Robin also works in the mortgage industry. Kimberlee Tulleners serves on the Eli Home Advisory Board, as Program Director.

Doc# 2007-0000055038 (19 pages)
Robin and Kimberlee Tulleners sign a Deed of Trust with National City Bank (Robin’s employer is National City Mortgage Company) in the amount of $582,000.00, essentially stripping the house of its remaining equity.

Document # 2007-000045747 (2 pages)
On May 30, 2007, the Eli Home Inc and Robin and Kimberlee Tulleners granted the Canyon Crest property, now worthless, back to the Eli Home Inc.

Similar transactions have taken place with the Orange shelter, which we will post at another time.

While none of us is expert in real estate, and we are hesitant to scream “mortgage fraud”….we are left with the undeniable knowledge that the National City Bank now holds a mortgage for a property that the trustees no longer hold the Deed to. There is also the issue of donations for the purchase and upkeep of the property not being used as promised by the Eli Home, Inc. It was the practice of stripping properties of equity until payments became unmanagable that has destroyed our current ecomony. Eli Home, under the direction of Lorri Galloway, has shown extrememely poor judgement, spending beyond their means, with equity obtained through questionable mortgage practices. We are now to trust this same leader with our General Fund at a time when Anaheim has no money to lose on speculative practices. November 4 is coming quickly. Do you trust Lorri Galloway with Anaheim’s future?

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