Saturday, October 25, 2008

Is Lorri Galloway Really Who You Think She Is?

We here at No On Galloway pride ourselves on being truthful, and use only primary source material for our posts regarding the poor leadership and ethical lapses of Councilwoman Galloway. And yet, her supporters continue to scream the standard line of, "You're lying, you're evil, you're tearing the City apart." It is getting old. So let's up the ante. Prove us wrong. Since Cynthia Ward handles much of our research, and has a professional reputation for accuracy to protect, she has offered to make a donation to Lorri Galloway's campaign, and congratulate her, in exchange for anyone using primary source material to prove us wrong. Do you really believe Councilwoman Galloway was the same Lorri Galloway who graduated CSUF, despite having a different Social Security number? Seems like after working so hard for an adult degree one might take a photo at graduation, but none of us have seen one. Ought to be easy enought to get one from Lorri. We will have photos examined for alteration. Do you dispute any of the other claims here on this blog? Bring us primary record proof. The thrill of seeing Colony Rabble having to humilate herself in front of Lorri should be enough to motivate you. Post proof directly to the blog's comments section, so that nobody can dispute Clementine having received it. It is time. Put up or shut up.


Stan said...

I doubt that she is what she claims to be. She will tell you exactly what you want to hear even if it is not the truth. I think the topic should be to get Lorri to prove that the Eli Home is what it is supposed to be and put all of this controversy to bed. I have my own suspicions and I think that others are now starting to take a long hard look at what she is saying is not the truth. To para-phrase an old commercial that said "Where's the Beef" I want to know Where's the kids" The Eli home is a shell and on their website do you see any pictures of the home. Nope and the video, which by the way is very slick, does not show the Eli Home nor does it really show any real victims of abuse. The website shows some pictures of events, but none of the home itself. It seems like all of the events are centered around the Thrift Shop or fancy hotels. Have to wonder how many kids the 1.2 million dollars she took in last year helped? She refuses to show any proof and people just take her word that she is helping abused kids.

colony rabble said...

I am in agreement, which is why I made the offer to have her minions put up or shut up. On the other hand, we are not going to find out anything about Eli before the election. So for now let's focus on what we DO know, that Lorri Galloway has a terrible track record with Anaheim's economy, increased density which impacts neighborhoods, and is just a really arrogant individual to boot. We focus on what we do know, get that information out there and educate the voters, and then after she is out of office we can look into whether she hides behind the faces of kids to buy designer handbags. Or let the authotirites do it.

Anonymous said...

Although I am new to this blog, so maybe I'm missing something that has previously been posted. But, I'm wondering why there is so much interest in trying to "out" the Eli Home as a sham of some sort. As a non-profit organization, there are many sources of public information about the organization, particularly since it appears to have received federal funding fairly consistently over many years. And, if the Eli Home is, for the sake of argument, a con of some kind, why doesn't someone try to get a local or state agency to initiate an investigation, rather than just making blog posts? It seems that given the number of years that the Eli Home has rubbed people the wrong way, that someone would have already done so and found something out, good or bad.

I am also confused as to why the Eli Home is such a big concern if you are all more upset about her record as a councilmember. Wouldn't you want to focus more on those issues? Just wondering.

colony rabble said...

OC Resident makes the point I have been trying to make. We need to focus on the election, and her own personal finances, there is enough there. But this blog is a compilation of many views and lots of people get input, including those who want to focus on the shelters.

As far as Eli, I have no proof and therefore will say this is the story I have heard....there is a rumor, and as I said, i am not saying this is true one way or the other, but there is a rumor that Eli has friends in all the right places and gets a head's up when they are about to be visited, so they then load the shelter with kids for the visit. I do not know if that is true, and i do not say that to diss the reputation of those who told me, I will only say I have not seen it with my own eyes and therefore cannot tell you for certain as a primary witness. But I will tell you that I trust the people who have said they did see it, I trust them as truthful decent people, and that is as far as i can go. Others are braver than I in that arena. Me, I like owning my belvoed home and I sure do not want to see it become a shelter after a settlement.