Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Lorri did WHAT?

Lorri Galloway’s campaign materials claim that as a Councilwoman she has added

1 New Police Station

2 New Libraries

2 New Community Centers

Let’s look at those claims, beginning in West Anaheim.

1 New Police station has indeed been added to the streetscape of West Anaheim. The West Anaheim Police Station on Beach Blvd. held its groundbreaking on September 13, 2002. Lorri Galloway was not elected to office until November 2004. She had nothing to do with the planning or funding of the new Police Station and her only connection was in attending the Grand Opening on March 31, 2007.

1 New Library was indeed added in West Anaheim while Galloway was in office. The Haskett Branch Library was demolished in September 2004, a month prior to Galloway’s election.

Plans for the new library were underway before Lorri Galloway even filed papers to run for City Council, and the grant application shown here reveals that funding was requested in the year 2000, without involvement from Lorri Galloway. Lorri did attend the opening. Maybe that is what she takes credit for.

The West Anaheim Gymnasium, attached to the West Anaheim Police Station, was constructed with the Police Station, and funding was approved before the election that put Lorri Galloway into a City Council seat.

Lorri Galloway’s campaign, from mailing to website, is built on the lie that she created these improvements in Anaheim. Lorri Galloway simply sat back, watched the work of others completed, and then took a bow for the work. If these are her reasons for being re-elected, she does not deserve the seat.

It is time to look for integrity and truthfulness in our candidates. This blog will not promote any one candidate, and indeed those involved in this blog differ in their support of candidates. But it is certain that Lorri Galloway does not represent those character traits that the people of Anaheim are looking for.

Lorri has lied about her work in West Anaheim. Coming soon, East Anaheim claims of improvement.


dixquartz said...

Lorrie also steals awards! Other people in the charity business who actually deserve to win the awards Lorrie competes for, lose! How? Because Lorrie and her dupes lie on the charity award application forms. Every award she and her phony charity have ever won has bas been based on lies stated on the applications. All she has to do is exaggerate the number of victims she houses and supposedly helps, and wow! It's magic! She gets some great award along with lots of money. The people doing true charity work and submit honest applications for awards get little or nothing. That is the sad recognition received by the honest people. But their rewards are by living a life of integrity. Lorrie has never won any award based on honest facts.

Stan said...

I hear people have actually staked out the Eli Home and never seen any evidence of a child. Could it be that the Eli Home is nothing but a business obtaining donations under false pretenses to support one family? Just a thought!

ocresident said...

As someone who has worked and volunteered within the shelter agency community for many years, I am quite concerned with the notion that someone is "staking out" any location where abused women and children are thought to be residing. If that is the case, I hope the resident manager immediately calls the police.

kelly said...

There is no house manager needed at any ELI Home because there are no victims housed there. Check it out for yourself. House #1 is located 100 S Canyon Crest Drive, Ana Hills. House #2 is located at 655 S Glassell in Old Towne Orange. Why does she rent a facility in central Anaheim when the two owned hoes are empty? Approach any neighboring homeowner and they will verify that the place is a charity scam used as a front to collect money from the unsuspecting public trust. One might call that “Charity Fraud” The local neighbors despise her. Every time she is exposed for her fraud she cries fowl! “It’s for the poor little abused children” Nothing tugs at the heart like wanting to help an abused child, and she knows all the buzz words to preach to the public. Her business claims not to be about helping abused women, only children. Therefore she claims not to need a state license. The Eli Home has NEVER had a state license.

Eli Home lost their Anaheim CUP after one year because they violated every condition. Those conditions were suggested by Galloway in order to obtain the CUP. Then she cried “fowl”, and filed a complaint against Anaheim with HUD even though the Eli Home is not a HUD facility. But after all the trouble she has caused Anaheim, she still had the audacity to run for City Council.