Friday, October 17, 2008

Lorri's Lawsuits

Why are we so careful about verification of statements regarding Lorri Galloway? Lorri’s history tells us she has no problem with suing those who stand up to her, even when they are speaking the truth.

Case in point:

In 1995, Lorri Galloway as the Eli Home Inc, filed a lawsuit claiming slander, against defendants Gene Secrest, Jeannie Averill and Vicky Conway.
Case # 746160 Santa Ana Superior Court. In time, the Eli Home amended the lawsuit four times to add defendants including the Orange County Register, Freedom Newspapers, and reporter Marla Jo Fisher.

After years of stressful and expensive legal defense, each of the defendants were dismissed under Code of Civil Procedure section 425.16, the “SLAPP” (Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation) statute. All of the lawsuits filed by Eli were found to be “meritless”, and “filed solely to punish the defendants for their criticism of the Eli project and to impose litigation costs upon them for exercising their right to free speech and to petition the government”

The judges involved, under the SLAPP statute, awarded attorney’s fees and costs of filing motions to each of the defendants. In addition, the Eli Home’s own attorneys, Faran and Kievet, filed two separate Motions to Withdraw as Attorney of Record, citing that “the Eli Home Inc. has failed to maintain their financial obigations relative to the payment of fees, costs, and expenses.”

No On Galloway has obtained those public records related to the lawsuit, and while the file it too large to post on Blogspot, we will share that information with those concerned, if contacted directly. We will also be sharing smaller files as we continue the education of Anaheim voters concerning who Lorri Galloway is, and how she conducts herself as a leader, both in the public sector as an elected official, and in the non-profit sector, as the Executive Director of a charity that claims to serve Anaheim’s children. Her behavior in both areas gives us a view on whether she is fit for re-election to City Council.

If you have information to share, please email to, please provide primary record information, as we cannot post information without documentation. This keeps our credibility high with voters, and hopefully our lawsuit exposure low.

Thank you.

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