Thursday, October 16, 2008

Childish Games

While this is not earth-shattering news, it is an example of the type of petty games Galloway and her followers will play in this election. This signage was spotted and reported in by a Realtor on his rounds in Anaheim Hills. This photo was shot at the northwest corner of La Palma and Imperial Highway.


Daniel said...
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Daniel said...

Gail's sign was there without permission; it was illegally placed.

Eastman has been littering all over Anaheim Hills.

Have you guys scene what she did to the corner of Imperial and Santa Ana Canyon? It is a mess.

She should keep her trash in the "colony" where is belongs.



colony rabble said...

So Daniel, you now represent the entire Anaheim Hills area and feel qualified to speak for all of those residents? Panky Rmero gave permission to put up that Gail Eastman sign on Century 21 private property, and it was torn down, and replacement signs torn out and replaced with Galloway signs. So at the very least, Panky Romero does not say no to Eastman, which leads me to doubt your ability to speak for the entire Anahiem Hills area. You are becoming more arrogant by the day, trying to speak for all those people without their permission.

Daniel said...

Code Enforcement removed those signs along with some of Lorri's that are most likely belongs to the city... the one you have no respect for!

No On Galloway said...

The signs at Santa Ana Canyon road were there by permission from the property owner. They were vandalized/removed, and the replacement signs for Gail Eastman were also stolen and replaced with signs for Lorri Galloway, on private property. This was not the work of Code Enforcement, and the property owner is considering filing a complaint with the Police.

mitchisherenow said...

I don't know who you are "no on galloway," but I know your information is spot on correct about both the placement of the signs and their vandalism.

Gail Eastman has flat out refused to hire placement companies to post her signs all over the city (and it is clear many of her competitors have hired these companies - it's easy to tell by the public property locations where the signs get posted). Gail refuses to put a sign in any location where she does have the express permission from the property owner.

I also know that several complaints have been filed with the city by a number of Anaheim Hills residents (yes, Gail has a LOT of support there) about the sign vandalism. It's just too bad "the other side" has to resort to these inane tactics.

Country Boy said...

danny boy
you ramble and spew, please don't post your hatred and lies about what we here in the hills want. now go be a good little man and watch how Gail and her staff shows you and lori galloway >>>aka lori haulitaway how a real campaign is run