Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Opposing Views Invited

Editor's Note:

We recently had a run of comments, and while postings claimed to be from various pseudonyms, they looked suspiciously like the same person. To be fair, we did allow these posts of opposing viewpoints. We also invited the posters to dispute any claim we made, and offered to give equal time and space to opposing views. To date we have not received any communication even attempting to rebut anything we have posted here as untrue. Again, it is our stand that Lorri Galloway has been such a bad leader, both in the public sector and as a non-profit director, that we need not invent charges against her, it is simply our intent to educate the public regarding those actions that are provable. We again invite anyone with an opposing viewpoint to share it here, in a respectful manner. It is never our intent to slander or defame with false information. Those reluctant to post here on the blog may email information to, and opposing views will be treated with respect.

Thank you.


Colony Voter said...

You guys are lying. A number of people have sent in evidence to counter your lies. You guys are full of it.

No On Galloway said...

The last email we received was on October 19, and it was not in opposition to anything we had said.