Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Signs Are Up and The Gloves are Off

Today’s post shows a giant campaign sign for Lorri Galloway, posted on Redevelopment Agency property, at the “Sinkin’ Lincoln” site at Lincoln and Beach Blvd. As a campaign veteran, Lorri and her staff know better than to illegally post on public property.

Letters to the Editor in The OC Register, Monday August 11, 2008 says it all.

“Awful Campaign Graffiti
All over our Anaheim neighborhood large campaign ads for Lorri Galloway are sprouting up. With more than 100 days until voting takes place, her insensitivity to our neighborly quality of life is as callow as any ignorant graffiti tagger. Names and slogans are splashed over private and public property without regard to the aesthetic that the city works hard to maintain. If the councilwoman thinks so little of the city environment, how ignorant is she of other important issues facing Anaheim? City ordinances should restrict the display of campaign posters and billboards to within a month of upcoming elections.
Tony Baxter


judi said...

ANAHEIM LEADERS UNITE! It is important to see that Anaheim Community Leaders are united in removing Lorri from our council. We now need to get the rest of Anaheim residents to see the damage she has done and her disregard for us, as we will need all of Anaheim to be united here. This blog will be a wake-up call for voters. We need to move on in a positive manner and Lorri has been dragging us through the mud and trenches along with her. She needs to be removed. Lorri has disregarded the majority of Anaheim residents to further her own agenda. We, the citizens of Anaheim, deserve honest representation by our council members. Lorri, I wish you well but not on our council!

colony rabble said...

It is good to see others of like mind. For many of us this election is not about putting an individual in a seat, so much as it is about getting Lorri Galloway OUT of that seat! Keep us all up to speed on what we can do. I'm in.

Daniel said...

This is nuts. A lot of people like Lorri as she is pretty moderate.... I bet this has something to do with Disney. . .

colony rabble said...

How do I say this without dissing the people who put together this blog? Disney does everything over the top. If this was a Disney shill, it would have graphics and animated icons, and background music. This site is great, but it is not Disney. I hope that didn't sound bitchy, I get that we have volunteers pulling this off in their spare time...but it ain't Disney.