Sunday, August 17, 2008

Depends on Who is Subsidized

This week, Lorri Galloway attended a demonstration where Police arrested twenty-eight leaders of Unite Here 681, a labor union heavily aligned with Lorri Galloway. This Union has staged 14 public protests, while only sitting down at the bargaining table 11 times. It appears the Galloway supported Union is more interested in press attention than actually working out an agreement with their employer. While this Union has the right to demonstrate, the expenditure of public safety employees to respond to these repeated demonstrations, where Union workers deliberately block public streets, disrupting the flow of traffic, and endangering others, is irresponsible at best. Lorri Galloway’s involvement in this activity shows a disregard for those taxpayers who are paying for those public safety employees. Lorri Galloway has a long history of Police response to her Union supporting tactics. In April 2007, Police responded when Disney security caught Lorri Galloway, Unite Here 681 Union leader Ada Briceno, and an LA Times reporter trespassing on Disney property. While the PR machine spun the story as Disney retaliation, the reality is that Galloway’s press party failed to check in with Disney security before conducting a behind-the-scenes interview on Disney property. All press is required to follow the same security measures, even press accompanied by a Councilwoman. Any corporate Security team would have responded to reporters tresspassing in a secure area without permission. It takes the expense of public safety personnel to respond to Galloway and her Union antics. Is this the behavior we want from our Council representation?

Earlier this week, Lorri Galloway voted against City funding for the Chamber of Commerce, saying, “"I do have a philosophical belief that the city should not be subsidizing private business,".

Obviously, Lorri Galloway does support using public funding to subsidize the activity of private business, as long as the private business is her Union supporters.


colony rabble said...

So why didn't the OC Register report this? I am so tired of half-news! Thanks for telling us this.

Daniel said...

As you stated in the previous post, Anaheim is tightening its belt and Lorri knows better than to throw such a large sum of funds at projects that can fund themselves.

Lorri is willing to work with the union and hear them out, please don't make her out to be in there pockets, Chicogo style, that is not fair.

The rally was also as orderly as possible walking in two row as to not inconvenience tourists.

colony rabble said...

We meet again.
28 people had to be arrested, how is that orderly? Why is an elected official out in the streets with people who are there with the pre-determined intent of being arrested? How does that not inconvenience the tourists? It is humiliating to have Anaheim out there airing our dirty laundry to the folks visiting from Omaha!

judi said...

Lorri has repeatedly supported and represented only a small amount of Anaheim residents. She has failed to provide an accouting of the Eli Home to the council when this was requested years ago and now she sits in mockery of our council. If anyone cares to remember, women housed and then forced to leave at the Eli Home spoke against her treatment and the council requested an accounting of her books as she received city funding. Lorri never submitted her books! I hope that the Eli Home has developed into a safety net for all endangered women and children, but it was created on the backs of some women's horror stories. Lorri has to go. She has done harm by not representing us in an honest manner. Chavez has been removed and now it is Lorri's time! We need council representation that sees Anaheim as a whole and not just for a few. I am sure that there are many of us that abide by the law. As a councilperson, I expect the same, nothing more and nothing less. I understand and applaud a person's right to protest, but it must be accomplished according to the rules and not cause any injury or additional expense to the city.

steven said...

Lorri GOAWAY is NOT GOOD for the City or the CITIZENS of ANAHEIM.. She DOES NOT CARE about the local businesses, HOMEOWNERS or the Established NEIGHBORHOODS in our city.. She recently stated PUBLICLY that she would like to see low income housing in EVERY neighborhood and area of the city!! IT is obvious she has an AGENDA.. She is pushing it hard and WE are already paying the price..OVERCROWDING.. MASSIVE parking problems and congestion. not to mention huge crime increases that always comes with overcrowding .She is listening to her own handlers and promoters and NOT the CITIZENS of this city.. her CHEERLEADING and Grandstanding are more than an embarassment.. they are destructive and divisive..she serves illegal immigrants .. out of town union organizers and deep pocket land grabbers..she gives voice to the disorganized and disorderly.. adds to the general chaos.. promotes lawlessness and hatred.. she tosses pennies to the rabble that support her..and ignores the general citizenry.. she is NOT for us.. She is AGAINST us!! LORRI GOAWAY!!!

Steve Perez said...
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Steve Perez said...

Just to let everyone know, the "steven" above is not Steve Perez running for Anaheim city council.