Thursday, August 14, 2008

Lorri Galloway and CSUF rumor

In the past, accusations against Lorri Galloway did not stick with voters, primarily because they were unfounded rumors, which this site seeks to dispel. Lorri has plenty of baggage that can be verified without bringing up things that cannot.

One of those past rumors was the accusation that while Lorri Galloway flaunts her membership in the CSUF Alumni Association, it was a ruse to hide the fact that she had never completed a university degree. That rumor is untrue. Lorri Galloway did complete her B.A. in Health and Human Services in 1987, according to the CSUF website.

The question here is, does a degree in social work help or hinder her qualifications for City Council? Is the Anaheim City Council a social services agency? Lorri Galloway’s continued commitment to provide taxpayer subsidized housing to those employees who have voluntarily chosen careers in the City of Anaheim appears to indicate that she believes it is. Do the voters agree? While compassion is something we hope all residents would strive for, are social service programs an appropriate use of tax dollars, or is that task best left to private charitable organizations?

The City of Anaheim is reportedly asking departments to cut expenses by at least 10%. Revenue streams from sales tax and property tax are performing below expectations, and only the Galloway-opposed Resort district is producing its share of revenue. While City departments tighten belts, Lorri insists on spending more money for subsidized social programs. Is this what the voters of Anaheim want? That question will have to be answered in November.


dixquartz said...

PLEASE, your information is wrong. The infamous Lorri Galloway of Anaheim fame did NOT graduate from CSF or any other institution of higher learning. This fact was verified through CSF records search using her SSN and birth date. Further proof, her own admission under oath during a court ordered deposition. Lorri's total university education was ONE CLASS in grant writing at Long Beach State. The person named Lori Galloway who actually did graduate from CSF has a different SSN and birth date.

No On Galloway said...

Can you scan any paperwork you have and send it? We were trying to be fair and balanced to show that this is not the witch hunt she has sometimes been subjected to....but we also want to accurately share info, and if the info on the CSUF website is incorrect, we need to fix our info. Please scan and send any proof you have to and Clem will post it.

dixquartz said...

Will secure that record from the appropriate source. The witch hunts you may refer to exposed facts that are at least 99.9% TRUE. She filed lawsuits against Anaheim citizens who opposed her alleged charity. She lost and her charity was ordered to pay all of her opponent's legal fees. The further result was she opened herself and her charity to depositions and subpoenaed Eli Home records. The court ordered information was shared and is the basis for public facts about the infamous Lorrie Galloway. BTW, drive by her Eli Homes in Anaheim Hills and Orange. Observe that the Eli Homes are void of children. So what happens to the huge sums of money raised for the Eli Home? It sure doesn't cost much to host parties for children. The gifts given to the children attending these parties (who don’t live at the Eli Homes) are all donated from organizations. ASK LORRIE WHAT HAPPENS TO MONEY DONATED TO THE EMPTY ELI HOMES?

No On Galloway said...

This blog seeks to avoid the 1% that was untrue, in part to increase credibility, in part to avoid lawsuits against any individual related to this blog or the No On Galloway movement. That is wahy readers will always find reliable verification here. It would be very helpful for you to scan and send those documents, we will update the blog accordingly, as well as pass the information along to those who plan to do even more education that we have. Working together for a Lorri Free government.

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