Sunday, November 2, 2008

In a Nutshell

Today's photo is an image the mainstream media did not bother to share, but we found it over at The Liberal OC, along with a first person account of how Lorri Galloway stood with union workers to shut down the Resort District. It makes for interesting reading, and reveals a side of our elected leader that the OC Register never covered.

Anyone looking for the big picture can review this blog for the posts we have been sharing for months in an effort to educate Anaheim voters regarding the poor leadership of Councilwoman Lorri Galloway. Make yourself at home, there is plenty here, and we have included documents and sources for anything we have posted. But in these last few days before the election, we thought we would recap with a few bullet points for those looking for the “quick hit”.

  • Lorri Galloway’s own campaign materials list the reasons for re-electing her to be her civic improvements such as new libraries, police and fire stations. Literally every one of the improvements that were opened during her Council service were planned BEFORE her election in 2004. Lorri Galloway’s own claims are false, and she is taking credit for the work of others. Galloway’s only contribution to those improvements was to show up for photo ops.

  • Lorri Galloway is currently running a negative campaign against Planning Commmisioner Gail Eastman, and Disney. Lorri fed incorrect information to columnist Frank Mickadeit, who, instead of verifying the info, reprinted it as gospel. Mickadeit has since corrected the info, but Lorri’s campaign team still used the misleading Register headline to create a phony case against Disney and the candidate most likely to beat Galloway in this election. Galloway has been quoted saying she will oppose ANY development Disney is involved with, regardless of its merits. We don’t think hating the City’s largest employer, and the source of over 50% of our General Fund revenue, is a great campaign platform. Using a Council seat for personal vengeance is not the leadership we are looking for.

  • Galloway will complain to anyone who listens about special interests in this election. Yet, her own campaign has been funded by Public Employee Unions, Service Sector Unions (the protestors fighting Resort employers) and developers who have profited immensely from Galloway’s decisions. Who is in who’s pocket?

  • Galloway completely lacks even the most basic understanding of our local economy, and the need to keep revenue flowing into our General Fund to offset the pet projects she promotes. When confronted with economic reality, she has said, do not talk to her about the economy, she only represents one segment of the population. For her sake we hope that segment, made up largely of out-of-town union interests, shows up to vote. For our sake, we hope we have done our jobs to educate the people of Anaheim in why Lorri Galloway should not be returned to office

    For all of you who have helped, thank you. This could not have been done without you. We at No On Galloway are proud of the campaign we have run. We have held to our standard to only print those items we could prove, and we have posted our documentation along the way. While Galloway’s opponents routinely find their signs ripped out or defaced, and replaced by Galloway signs, we have not stooped to that level. Nobody on our team has touched a Galloway sign. Indeed, there is a huge Galloway sign at Lorri’s not-so-secret-satelite-shelter in the heart of Gail Eastman territory, and it has been untouched all this time. Our No On Galloway banners are all posted on private property, while Galloway was the first in town to put hers on public property. While we are forced by circumstances to share negative information, we have fought a clean fight. It is now in the hands of the voters, and God. Please pray for the political health of our City.

    Thank you all for your time.
    Clementine Zimmerman and friends

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colony rabble said...

We see people jumping ship from Galloway since it came out that she was at that Union Protest. Even her most ardent supporters cannot justify that! It is just not a proper place for an elected official. The blogs are full of people who can no longer defend her or justify her actions. The anti-Disney commercial and mailing was especially damaging, it just drove home how far she will go to oppose Disney. It has become personal for her, and the City is caught in the middle of her revenge. Here's hoping the voters get it in time!